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About Us…

We are Skyline Property Investments, LLC, the best source for real estate investors in Central Virginia and Northern Virginia to find seriously discounted investment properties in Virginia.  Through our exhaustive searches, we are constantly picking up new properties and constantly have properties available.  Because of the extreme nature of the discounts we offer, we frequently sell properties as quickly as we acquire them… often in hours.  As we are fond of saying, if you have inventory in our business, then you don’t have real deals.  We have real deals, so they typically “fly off the shelf.”  If you find that there are no properties available that work for you right this minute, we’ll email new ones to you very soon.  You’ll need to be prepared to act fast when the opportunity arises.  Real deals wait for no one.

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Once you register, you’ll be taken to our investment properties page.  When we get new properties, we will put them up on that page and notify you by email.  Because of the nature of the deals, they typically “fly off the shelf,” often selling in less than 24 hours.

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A Bit About Us

Have you ever wondered who that company is that snaps up the best real estate deals and finds the highest discounts on Virginia properties before anyone else ever even hears about them?  Well that’s us.  We help investors, like you, push cash in your pocket by passing along the region’s best deals on great properties, so you can profit from them.  Paul Bush, our founding real estate expert and the developer of our proprietary marketing system, spent 30 years as a real estate agent in Virginia and has developed and refined our revolutionary method of finding and reviewing investment deals.

How Do We Do It?

We don’t over complicate things and have a large team of people working more than full time to find the best of the best super discounted investment properties.  We have fantastic automated tools that help us target the right properties and, in the end, it is our group’s effort that brings in the amazing deals we offer to you.

Our company reviews and makes offers on THOUSANDS of Virginia properties each year.  We have honed our marketing to a point where we’re quite good at it.  We find and acquire deeply discounted Virginia real estate then make those properties available to you at prices that are DEEPLY discounted below current market values.

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Where Do We Find These Deals?

Great deals are everywhere in today’s market.  But, as you’ve found, the investors who have the best marketing, best systems, and best connections snap up the best deals before most people even know about them.  That’s us.  Whether you’re looking for…

  • Virginia foreclosure property for sale
  • Discount homes for sale
  • Fixer uppers for sale
  • Handyman Special deals for sale
  • Discount investment homes for sale
  • Bank Owned Foreclosures / REO property for sale
  • Distressed property for sale
  • Inherited property for sale
  • Discount rental property for sale
  • Discount multi-family property for sale

How Do We Find The Best Deals?

We’ve honed our proprietary marketing systems over the last 25 years and now have a consistent stream of deeply discounted properties.

You may have even seen some of marketing around the region, because it’s everywhere.

In the end, we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into building and refining our marketing systems to what they are today.  You benefit from that by letting us find the great deals and send them your way.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We’ve already done the work and made the investment to generate a consistent stream of deeply discounted deals. Because we come across so many great deals, typically at 30% – 50% below market value, we simply can’t buy and keep all of these properties ourselves.  Simply put, we have too much on our plate, so we have a lot to share.

That’s where you come in.

Real Estate Investors Looking For Rentals or Flips

If you’re a real estate investor and are looking for either great rental properties that will cash-flow or distressed properties to rehab and resell… we have those properties for you.  Just tell us what your buying criteria is, and we’ll custom search for properties for you that fit your criteria.  The beauty of it is you never pay for our service since we have already added our fee to anything we sell.

Homeowners Looking For A Discount Home To Live In

Most of the properties we sell are bought by real estate investors.  However, if you are looking for a home to live in yourself… you’re at the right place!  Join our Preferred Buyers list and act fast if you see a home you like.  Because we offer these great houses at such steep discounts, they do tend to sell very fast,  so make sure you’re pre-qualified with your bank (we can help you with that, if you’d like, and give you reviews of what works and what doesn’t) before you make an offer on one of our houses.

In the end, we’ve developed to the point we have today because we’ve focused on becoming really good at finding the cheapest deals, marketing, and passing those deals on to people like you at huge discounts.  That’s what we do.  It’s the massive effort that we put into finding the deals that makes our business work…  and  we’re just real people, like you, working hard to be the best.

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We constantly review and report on the entire region and are most focused on Central and Northern Virginia, especially areas such as:

  • Arlington
  • Charlottesville
  • Clarke
  • Culpeper
  • Fairfax
  • Falls Church
  • Fauquier
  • Frederick
  • Fredericksburg
  • Greene
  • Harrisonburg
  • Loudoun
  • Louisa
  • Madison
  • Manassas
  • Manassas Park
  • Orange
  • Page
  • Prince William
  • Rappahannock
  • Richmond
  • Richmond
  • Rockingham
  • Shenandoah
  • Spotsylvania
  • Stafford
  • Warren
  • Winchester

We simply love VA